How to Check HDFC Credit Card Balance?

Digital payment methods have simplified the way to handle money. From being skeptical about using
digital payment methods to feeling safe even when there is no cash in one’s purse is how digital
payment system has affected people. The credit for this advancement must be given to banks like HDFC
that have strived hard to keep your money safe.
Using credit cards provided by HDFC bank is very easy, but many people think that it is complex as they
don’t know how to check HDFC Credit card balance at home using their phone or computer. They
simply assume that it is a complex job that requires them to pay a visit to the bank. Checking your credit
card balance is very easy and it just takes a few minutes and basic knowledge.
HDFC credit card balance can be checked in many ways. Let's see the different ways to check your
balance one by one:
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Via SMS
A great advantage of using HDFC credit card is that they provide an SMS Alert service. This feature will
let the customer instantly access their credit card balance anytime from their mobile phones. Just send
CCBAL <Last four digits of credit card number> to 5676712 to get your credit card balance. If you want
to check the available limit of your credit card account, just send CCACL <Last four digits of credit card
number> to 5676712
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Via Missed Call
Yet another easier way to check your HDFC credit card balance is by giving a missed call on 1800-270-
3311 from the mobile number that is linked to your bank account. Once you dial the number, the call
will be automatically disconnected after one ring and you will receive a message with the details of your
account’s balance. If you need more details regarding your account, you can call HDFC credit card
customer care at 1800-425-4332.
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Via HDFC Mobile App
You can download and install the HDFC mobile banking app from Google Play Store or any other App
store. By logging into the app with your customer ID and password, you can check your credit card
account balance any time.
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check through ATM
Visit the nearest HDFC bank ATM and insert your credit card to select balance inquiry option. Your
account balance will be displayed on the ATM screen. You can also take a printout of the balance.
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Via Net Banking
To enjoy this facility, you will have to register for internet banking services with HDFC bank. With this
online banking feature, you can check balance, do transactions, and keep a check on your transaction
history too. To know your balance via net banking, just log in to HDFC net banking with customer ID and
IPIN. Select Cards>Active cards under the main menu. Now you can check the balance of all your credit
cards that are linked to the online account.

 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check Via Monthly statements
HDFC bank provides a service where you can get your credit card statements through the mail and SMS.
Along with the balance of your credit card account, the message will provide information regarding your
credit card dues and due dates.
 HDFC Credit Card Balance Check by Visiting the Branch
If all the above-mentioned methods are going above your head, you can simply visit the nearest HDFC
bank to inquire about your balance. You can also ask the bank employees to help you with the above-
mentioned methods to check the balance.
These are the ways to check your HDFC credit card balance. Now that you know how to check HDFC
Credit Card Balance, try all these methods. In case you face any difficulty while checking your credit card
balance through one method, remember that you have many other options.

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